Artwork Submissions

Technical Specifications
Baldwin Sales accepts custom artwork in a variety of professional file formats or we can design a unique custom graphic design for your award or recognition project. If you are submitting artwork to Baldwin Sales, please follow the guidelines below to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget.

Preferred Format
Press-ready, high-resolution PDF. Please include a plain text file that lists all the files/formats/fonts included.

  • Please Provide “Vectorized” Artwork to Minimize Set-up Charges
  • We accept most artwork documents including PDF, EPS, JPEG, JPG, PNG & TIFF Files
  • Artwork for Layout Charged @ $ 45.00 / Hour

Please Note: Microsoft Word Documents containing images or graphics will not be accepted

Preparing Files
To avoid reproduction problems and additional charges:

  • Include all printer and screen fonts and supporting postscript fonts and graphics with your file
  • Graphics and scans should be 150 dpi at reproduction size and saved in an appropriate format

NOTE: Graphics submitted will be checked to ensure they will print correctly. If repairs must be made to your graphic, additional charges may apply. You will be contacted ahead of time with an estimate for your approval.

Email: 10 MB or smaller, accompanied by a colour PDF proof of ad. For files over 10mb, please contact us to make arrangements.

If you have questions about technical specifications while you are preparing your files, please email your query to