Pet Memorial

Each of us searches out ways to keep the loving memory of our pet ever present in our hearts. It has been our experience that we often want something special, a unique memorial that celebrates the unique life and the special bond we have with each pet.
We work with each customer to create custom pet memorials. We encourage your ideas and creativity in creating each unique pet memorial. We customize each memorial in one of three ways:

  1. We select a background based on how the memorial will be displayed and where is will be displayed (i.e., indoor vs, outdoor)
  2. We then work with you to choose how a loving inscription will be applied to the background or base, etched in the surface or applied as an engraved or full colour plaque
  3. We then choose how your pet will be visualized on the memorial

With today’s technology we can create almost any custom design on a broad cross section of hardened long lasting materials such as stone, wood, plexiglas and metal. We also can create more ephemeral memorials on organic materials such as fabrics.

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